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Spring has sprung at the vineyard!!

It’s an exciting time at the vineyard. Spring has arrived and the vines have come to life. The tiny grape clusters journey to ripening has just begun with their final destination being our 2017 wine vintages. We’ve just finished vine training and counting the extra buds left during winter pruning. This leaves the final bud count between 40 to 60 buds depending on vines age and vigor. The extra buds left during winter pruning helps prevent over pruning in case of winter and frost damage.

Our next vineyard tasks will be removing leaves around the clusters, cluster thinning, and shoot thinning. These activities help produce quality grapes by allowing sunlight to reach the grapes, proper airflow through vines, and to ensure that the grapes ripen properly. Hopefully the weather cooperates this year. A lot of work goes into maintaining the vineyard but it's time well spent if our goals are met. The goal is to produce quality fruit to make quality wine.

We'll keep you posted on activities at the vineyard as the growing season continues.

Zachary Fox

Frisky Fox Vineyard, LLP

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