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About Us

    Frisky Fox Vineyard is a small family owned and operated vineyard and winery
We grow the following cold hardy grape varieties:
Whites: Brianna, LaCrescent, Frontenac Blanc, Louise Swenson, and Osceola Muscat
Reds: Petite Pearl, Marquette, Verona, and Sabrevois. 
Our primary focus is to grow quality grapes and fruit to make the best product possible for our customers.
    The vineyard is located on our family farm near Riceville, Iowa. We raised feeder pigs, farrowing sows, and horses back in the 70's and 80's. Nowadays we rent out the farmland and tend to the family vineyard. We planted the first 30 vines in 2010 and they were damaged by a tornado on May 22nd, 2011. The roof of the old house landed on the grape trellis which was located 300 feet away from house. The tornado also destroyed the grain bin, and all of the old hog buildings. Since then, the vineyard has expanded from 30 vines to the 550 vines currently growing on property. 

    We work with other local vineyards to source extra grapes and fruit. Our focus is local cold hardy grapes but also make small batches of wine made from grapes sourced from other growing regions. We believe that wines made in the Midwest will continue to improve and become more competitive as new grape varieties are released.
Note: Our winery is located on a gravel road.
Petite Pearl row 2015
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