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What's happening: Spring 2018

Spring has finally arrived and the 2018 growing season has officially started. Watching the vineyard come to life after the long dormant season is always an exciting time. Our Federal Winery Permit was approved in January and Iowa Class A Native Winery license was approved at the end of February. Since then we’ve made 1,600 gallons of wine that is currently in aging tanks. We're currently working on applying for our Class C Native Winery License which would allow us to sell wine by the glass and beer for consumption in our winery. We have been working on label designs and label approvals from TTB (Alcohol and Tobbaco Tax & Trade Bureau). We will have labels printed once all label designs are approved and will start bottling and selling once we receive the finished labels. If all goes well we will start bottling mid June. We plan to be open by appointment late summer through fall of this year and to be open to the public spring of 2019. Check out our website to see availability of wines on the "our wines" tab.

We’ve also been busy working with Iowa and Minnesota vineyards to source grapes for 2018 season. The varieties we’ve been able to book from other vineyards for this fall is Prairie Star, Marquette, LaCrescent, LaCrosse, and Brianna. Check out our website to see "our grapes" tab to see the list of grape varieties we grow and purchase. We’ll have plenty of grapes this fall so now we need to ensure we have the equipment and tanks needed to process and prepare marketing our wine.


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